The vocalist of the legendary De Phazz Karl Frierson arrives in Klaipeda

August 5-7

The XXVII Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival, which will take place on August 5-7, annually surprises with an original program. The organizers of pleasant surprises promise this year as well. One of them is Karl Frierson & Bedroom Music. It is a joint project of a legendary master of jazz improvisation from Germany and the best Ukrainian musicians from one Odessa bedroom.

Karl Frierson (USA, Germany) – a phenomenal vocalist, songwriter, experienced educator, leader of the cult group De-Phazz, soul and voice is an exceptional figure in the contemporary jazz scene. Karl Frierson’s name is well known to all De Phazz fans, he is heard on all the band’s albums. A rich, deep, exciting, virtuosically controlled voice, as if rising from the ground and flying over an as yet unknown mystical ocean of sounds, immersing the waters of jazz, funk, soul and blues in the deep nuts at intervals.

However, the wonderful vocals are not the only uniqueness of the performer – Karl has a unique ability to captivate the audience with emotional, direct communication. He dances barefoot, glamorously gestures, compliments ladies, and can appear to be sometimes just insane on stage. „He feels the pulse of the audience perfectly and makes the hearts of the listeners beat faster, causing real ecstasy,“ says Inga Grubliauskienė, the organizer and director of the Klaipėda Castle Jazz Festival.

Karl Frierson was born in America in 1968. He came to Germany for a short time as a member of the Gospel Choir. A fateful coincidence brought the future jazz star with the members of the band De-Phazz, and the friendship that formed made him stay in Europe forever. Karl and the band started touring in music clubs, recorded solo songs and did not expect to ever gain world fame. However, fate was extremely favorable. The band was noticed and its potential appreciated by the international music company Universal Music, with which the musicians soon signed a contract. Today, De-Phazz is adored by jazz music fans around the world.

Karl Frierson has participated in hundreds of festivals and concerts around the world as a soloist with De-Phazz. However, the geographical boundaries of his musical activity are constantly expanding. For the last few years, Karl Frierson has been actively collaborating on the project “Bedroom Music Orchestra” from Odessa, which brings together the best Ukrainian jazz musicians. The project started before the quarantine was announced in Ukraine, but the quarantine did not stop the musicians either – the concerts were recorded in one of the Odessa bedrooms, which was temporarily turned into a mini-studio. In the absence of live performances, the concerts recorded in the bedroom studio were the best gift the musicians could give to their listeners. The authors of the project idea and its members call the Bedroom Music Orchestra the personification of the Odessa atmosphere. Their main goal is musical collaboration with the world’s most famous vocalists and musicians. Numerous performers from various countries have already participated in this project, including the legendary jazz vocalist Karl Frierson.

“The Karl Frierson & Bedroom Music Orchestra promises us an unforgettable performance. I have no reason to doubt that these are the highest level German and Ukrainian music professionals,” says Inga Grubliauskienė

The XXVII Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival will take place on August 5-7, at the Cruise Ship Terminal. All events are free!

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