Gunhild Carling

August 5-7


Get ready for a frantic jazz fiesta on August 5-7! The XXVII Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival, which will invite thousands of jazz fans to the Lithuanian port city, announces good news – Swedish music star Gunhild Carling is coming to Klaipeda again! It is difficult to forget the furor caused by the performance of multi-instrumentalist Gunhild Carling and her group „Carling family band“ on the stage of Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival, three years ago. With enthusiasm, positive mood and frantic energy, they captivated the entire audience of the festival. Gunhild Carling, the owner of a charismatic, enchanting voice, is rightly called the „female orchestra.“ During her impressive performances, she professionally plays a range of musical instruments: trombone, harmonica, trumpet, harp, bagpipe, flute, banjo and piano. Surprised? But that’s not all! The „Female Orchestra“ is also surprising with the ability to play even three trumpets at the same time. „I have no doubt that Gunhild Carling will cause a real ‘jazz tornado’ when she appears on the festival stage. Stylish, fun and completely unpredictable performances of the Carling family band always cause a real „storm“ of applause, – says Inga Grubliauskienė, the organizer and director of the Klaipėda Castle Jazz Festival.

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Gunhild Carling grew up in a family of musicians and had been immersed in music from an early age. She started playing various instruments and even giving concerts when she was just seven. Today, the Swedish jazz scene, sung by multi-instrumentalist Gunhild Carling, is well known in Europe, Asia and North and South America. This performer can be proud of the many awards and scholarships she has won: Louis Armstrong Scholarships, Kobe Jazz Street Award, Scholarships for Swedish Songwriters, Composers and Authors, Thore Ehriling Scholarships and more. In her homeland, Gunhild Carling is called a national treasure, the queen of swing and simply a hurricane of jazz. Members of the Swedish royal family also admire her work and exceptional talent. The Carling family band has repeatedly had the honor of performing at the Royal Palace in Stockholm and even entertaining guests of King Charles XVI Gustav on his 70th birthday. This group hosts hundreds of unique performances each year, enriched with show elements, circus tricks, vodeville motifs and captivates the hearts of thousands of fans around the world. It’s hard to describe the Carling family band in a few words – it’s a stylish, breathtaking, emotional jazz fiesta with a retro-style rooster and direct, heartfelt communication with the audience. „This group always surprises with surprises, but we can guarantee one – a magical performance that will infuse a positive mood for a long time,“ says I. Grubliauskienė.

Gunhild Carling will perform together with her band on the stage of Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival on August 7. Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into the whirlpool of frantic jazz.

The XXVII Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival will take place on August 5-7, at the Cruise Ship Terminal. All events are free!

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