August 5-7

To the most anticipated event of the year for jazz music fans in Klaipeda, whose motto „Good music – for good people“ comes „Very cool people“ from Riga! On the stage of the XXVII Klaipėda Castle Jazz Festival, which will take place on August 5-7, we will see a contagious jazz-fan group „Very Cool People“, which promises many hot melodies, pulsating energy and inspiring dance rhythms. „Very Cool People“ is a great band that plays modern music, which intertwines the sounds of funk, soul, jazz, rock, hip hop, surf, klezmer. They believe that with the help of modern sound, they will be able to make funko-jazz music attractive to modern audiences and bring it back to the dance floor.

The group Very Cool People formed in 2007. Recorded seven studio albums, highly rated by critics and nominated for awards, perfectly illustrate the band’s stage experience and creative maturity. The ensemble has repeatedly participated in the most famous jazz festivals: from Estonia to Romania, from Spain to South Korea. More than once they have entertained Lithuanian listeners as well. The members of the group say they have noticed that Lithuanians like the music they play, and the members of the group like Lithuanians. Therefore, do not be surprised if the group leader Elvijs Grafcovs speaks to the audience in Lithuanian. And these will not be a few specially learned phrases to please the listeners. Elvijs learned to speak Lithuanian while studying jazz and popular music at Vilnius College, 2004 – 2006. “Then legends about Lithuanian jazz were floating in Latvia. I know a lot of Latvian colleagues who studied in Vilnius, because we did not have such studies at that time. It was an adventure and a challenge for me to come and study in Lithuania, but I accepted it without hesitation for a long time, ”says Elvijs. Two years later, he continued his studies in Vilnius, Denmark, and later in Spain. However, it is obvious that the year spent in Lithuania has not been forgotten and Elvijs still confesses his sympathy for our country. „I can only comment well about Lithuania and Lithuanians. I was welcomed and helped by Lithuanians everywhere and always. Lithuanians are like real „brothers“.

Today, Elvijs Grafcovs is known by many names – a man who communicates directly with the gods of entertainment, a merchant of souls, and others. But it’s not the name that matters, it’s the fact that he put together a group of freaks and turned it into a real creative machine called „Very Cool People.“ As the band’s founder, spiritual leader and guitarist, he is also one of the group’s composers, arrangers and producers.

In addition to the group’s leader Elvija Grafcovs, „Very Cool People“ includes seven other, extremely bright personalities, which are definitely worth a separate introduction.

Maris Vitkus (organ, piano, keyboards) – Elvija’s right hand, an adrenaline fanatic, able to curb three different motor horses. In the band, he not only plays, but also performs the duties of a logistics manager, so that during the tour, the cool music hooligans smoothly reach the fans waiting for them in concerts.

Janis Olekss (bass guitar). He is not only the highest jumping bassist in Latvia, but also one of the most enduring musicians. Janis doesn’t mind if you have to ride a minibus for 72 hours or sleep on a plane after 3 hours of sleep. A caring and always cheerful guy who takes care of the well-being of the group members and their emotional state during the tour.

Andris Buikis (drums). Sharing means caring – this is the philosophy that Andris follows. By sharing not only knowledge but also experience with his students, this open-hearted person will always be happy to share with colleagues even the last packet of sunflower seeds. In addition to being a very cool guy, Andris is one of the group’s composers and arrangers.

Maris Jekabsons (tenor saxophone) is the sexiest saxophonist in Latvia. He is famous for his ability to mesmerize women with a mesmerizing look, an attractive appearance, and enchanting saxophone improvisations. Maris is also one of the group’s composers and arrangers.

Oskars Ozolins (trumpet) – a tycoon of the kebab industry. His business empire stretches from Helsinki to Casablanca and from London to Ankara. Not only does he blow the golden trumpet on the stages of many countries around the world, but he is also one of the best filmmakers of Kekava.

Laura Rozenberga (trombone). It is not for nothing that women rule the world. Laura’s word must always be the last. Some love her for this trait, others hate it, but that doesn’t change the fact – Laura is the group’s rational axis. She makes sure the chatty and late-loving guys in the band show up on stage in time.

Kristaps Lubovs (baritone saxophone) – an unparalleled master of saxophone, in 2014 having received the Nick Gotham Music Prize, and playing in several Latvian jazz ensembles. The Daugava River, flowing through his native Daugmale, gave him creative inspiration – Kristaps has written many great melodies for the group „Very Cool People“.

„The group“ Very Cool People „will appear on the stage of Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival for the first time, but I have no doubt that after this performance you will be looking forward to coming again and again …“ – the festival organizer Inga Grubliauskienė does not doubt the success of the group and Elvijs Grafcovs promises to make „brothers“ and „sisters“ dance like crazy. Do we have a reason to doubt? Of course not!

The XXVII Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival will take place on August 5-7, at the Cruise Ship Terminal. All events are free!