Monika Liu

August 5-7

On August 5-7, Klaipėda will be flooded again with a powerful wave of improvisational music. The XXVII Klaipėda Jazz Festival will feature performers whose work and performance techniques have been highly praised by music critics from many countries, who are proudly presented by the organizers of the most famous jazz festivals to the audience, which fans greet and give away stormy applause. These are such grand masters of magic improvisation as Nino Katamadze (Sakartvel), hurricane jazz Gunhild Carling (Sweden), saxophone romantic Petras Vyšniauskas and many other jazz performers who can make their hearts sing and their feet dance. On the stage, the audience will also see the artist Monika Liubinaitė, better known as Monika Liu, who is enchanting with expression and playfulness, captivating with a sincere smile and enchanting with her exclusive vocals.

Monika Liu is a songwriter and performer born in Klaipeda. Music has accompanied her since infancy and has become an integral part of life. „Just as without an important organ, heart or lungs, a person would not be able to survive, so music is a vital part of my being,“ says Monika Liu. Indeed, she seems to be full of music, she touches music, she drowns in music … Monika felt the magical effect of music for the first time when she was three, when she visited the Klaipėda Musical Theater with her parents and heard Mozart’s works. Since then, she has taken small steps on a note-based path, towards the Olympus of musical fame. As soon as she was five, the girl started playing the violin – then Vivaldi „came“ into her life. Becoming a teenager with his older brother had fun listening to rap, rock, hip hop. Even later, she was captivated by jazz. Monika Liu still does not confine herself to the frames of music style, ignores clichés, does not please the formed taste, but her work, vocals and charisma, instantly captivates the hearts of many listeners. Monika studied music at the universities of Klaipeda and Berkeley (USA), where she lived for a while in London, where she had the opportunity to create and collaborate with famous British producers. However, after nine years spent abroad, Monika decided to return to Lithuania and continue her musical journey where it began. The singer, who stands out with her original creative ideas, unique vocals and charisma, soon became one of the most prominent performers on the Lithuanian music scene. Monika Liu is intriguing, unpredictable, distinguished by a distinctive style of music and infinitely artistic. On stage, she transforms and can turn into anything from a reptile rebel hiding under a hood to an elegant fashion icon of the last century, performing retro-style songs. The ability to reincarnate and the amazing vocals that the performer developed at the universities of Klaipeda and Berkeley make each performance of Monika Liu exclusive and unforgettable.

„What surprises can we expect from Monika Liu this time?“ – we asked Inga Grubliauskienė, the organizer and director of the Klaipėda Castle Jazz Festival. „Monika is as unpredictable as the weather in Klaipeda,“ laughs Inga. „It has been many years since the 16 – year – old performer appeared on the festival stage for the first time. Then we introduced her to the audience as an unstoppable, expressive, promising young performer on the stage, now a mature, romantic, spiritual jazz diva with a musical promise of love on her lips will enter the stage. Yes, Monika is unpredictable – it is the secret of her popularity and charm,”says I. Grubliauskienė.

In the festival program, you will hear songs from Monika Liu’s successful debut album „Melodija“. The author says: “In songs, I sing love stories that contain timid love, the eruption of passion, the fearless hope of preserving love and the separation of indulgences – all the way a loving person goes. The melody is a musical promise of love that inspires not to be afraid, because if it hurts a lot and it will pass. From how people react to my music – they smile, laugh or tear up, I understand how much we have all experienced in love and what it is that unites us,” says the performer Monika Liu.

Come to Klaipeda and immerse yourself in the waves of jazz music! The XXVII Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival will take place on August 5-7, at the Cruise Ship Terminal.