Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival starts cooperation with “Made In New York Jazz” festival

Made In New York Jazz

“Made In New York Jazz” festival started its activity in 2011 having organized local jazz festivals in Manhattan and Brooklyn (USA). A few years later, the festival’s founder, music producer and huge jazz fan Michael Brovkine took a step further and created the world’s first online jazz competition, which quickly became popular and attracted more than 60,000 registered jazz musicians and fans representing over 60 countries around the world.


In 2014 Made In New York Jazz presented its international Jazz Gala, an annual show at the Tribeca performing arts center in Manhattan. In May, 2016 “Made In New York Jazz” presented its edition in Europe and together with partners organized a festival in Montenegro, which has been held until now.


According to “Made In New York Jazz” founder Michael Brovkine and Art director Yaacov Mayman, the concept of “Made In New York Jazz” proves that music is a truly unique art form that is capable to unite people of different cultures and backgrounds.

“Turning into a creative hub from a “Garage” idea created in my apartment in New York, #madeinnyjazz became an international brand that helps to connect the artists to the audience and create new experiences for both the spectators and the musicians. The new collaboration with Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival that has a rich culture and many years of success is a very exciting development! I am sure, together we will be able to create many great events and educational opportunities. Cannot wait to visit your beautiful City!” says Michael Brovkine.


Inga Grubliauskiene, the head of the Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival, is also happy to cooperate with world-class professionals. “It is a great honour for me to cooperate with my respected colleagues from New York, Michael Brovkine and Yaacov Mayman. They are not only high-level professionals who work with world-famous jazz stars, but also extremely sincere and friendly people. I believe that the bridge of jazz community built by us will connect Klaipeda and New York musicians for joint projects. A special thank you to my friend from the USA, Leonidas Bardas, for his support and help” says Inga Grubliauskiene, Head of the Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival.

Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival is a Jazz music festival organized in Klaipeda since 1994.

Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival website: www.Jazz.lt

„Made In New York Jazz“ festival website: https://madeinnyjazz.com/festival/

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