August 5-7

On August 5-7, Klaipėda will be flooded again with the sounds of waving jazz and many enthusiasts of this musical genre. The motto of the Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival „Good Music for Good People“, which takes place in the port city every year, reflects the organizers’ ability to create a program that is attractive to fans of various jazz styles. Gin’Gas, a well-known jazz “hooligan”, will also appear on the stage of the 27th festival. This band has been making music for 30 years. Gin’Gas started a movement that gave birth to „Solar Cliché“, „Beckes Wolves“ and „Freaks on Floar“. It is not for nothing that the members of the group are called the pioneers of Lithuanian Funk. Gin’Gas united live musicians from Šiauliai, Vilnius, Klaipėda and Panevėžys. „It’s a united Funk front,“ says Remigijus Ruokis, the group’s founder, vocalist, idea generator and situation manager. Gin’Gas is not a one-man project – it would not be successful without the velvet voice of the goddess Agnė Michalenkovaitė, expressive drummers Gintautas Gascevičius, Kaspars Petkus, bassist – engine of rhythm and harmony Paulius Rūkas, keyboardists – – hot Arūnas Viduolis and stylish baritone – Laimonas Urbikas, trumpet player – temperamental Dmitrijus Levencovas, trombonist – technical Valdas Surdokas and guitarist – exploding universal Vykintas Jasaitis. „One can only imagine what kind of storm this team will cause on stage. I think we will not avoid surprises,” said Inga Grubliauskienė, the festival organizer and director.

These crazy guys know how to shake even the most serious audience, which instantly engages in uncontrollable revelry. Super hits like „Jons did,“ „I know a girl from an advertising agency,“ „And what if I do,“ „Ask who believes in false rumors,“ „Don’t tell my now,“ „Anybody love,“ „Magician.“, “Vynelio,” “Music for a Movie,” “Heperdido,” “Wynchester rap,” “A t drns?”, “You jah you,” twists into such rage that the legs themselves begin to move.

The band is especially welcome at live music events – its program is rich in high-quality non-synthetic soul-jazz-funk. Gin’Gas is a hot derivative with its philosophy, memorable lyrics, cheerful rhythm, sound and pulse. The band’s philosophy is reflected in its motto „Let’s live with music, because without it the world loses its beauty“. „Don’t miss this crazy group performance in Klaipeda, if you are not afraid of being screwed and carried by a Funk tornado,“ – I. Grubliauskienė cheerfully urges.

The XXVII Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival will take place on August 5-7, at the Cruise Ship Terminal. All events are free!