21st Century Quintet

August 5-7

Until August 5 – 7 the XXVII Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival, which will take place in the port city, has very little to look forward to. The brightest stars of the improvisational music genre, Lithuanian and foreign performers, are preparing for a meeting with their fans. These include grand masters of magical improvisations Nino Katamadze (Sakartvel), hurricane jazz Gunhild Carling (Sweden), saxophone romantic Petras Vyšniauskas, the unpredictable goddess of the stage Monika Liu and many other jazz performers who can make hearts sing, and things to do. But keep in mind that all the music stars once took the stage for the first time and anxiously awaited the listeners ’reaction to the music they performed.

„Young performers really need the support of concert organizers and the public. If we help them grow, the day will soon come when they will crave the biggest scenes in the world. One such promising group is the 21st Century Quintet. I believe that the audience will support them with stormy applause,” says the festival organizer Inga Grubliauskienė.

In 2020 the 21st Century Quintet participated in the young performers’ Jazz Scene competition and took second place. The jazz ensembles that participated in the competition were evaluated by a competent commission, which also included Inga Grubliauskienė, the organizer of the Klaipėda Castle Jazz Festival. She promised with pleasure to give the festival stage to the contestants and kept her promise. The audience will soon be able to inspire these talented musicians with stormy applause.

The 21st Century Quintet is a group uniting young Lithuanian and Latvian jazz musicians, with creative potential and unique sound. These young, but having managed to gather their circle of listeners and conquer their hearts, jazz musicians are still filling the front pages of their band’s blog, but each record is becoming brighter and more meaningful each time. The musicians enchant the audience with youthful enthusiasm, unadulterated sincerity, energy-pulsating, distinctive, exotic-sounding compositions performed by the band’s leader saxophonist Davit Avetisyan, complemented by Armenian folk music motifs. The elements of folklore heard in the compositions seem to be immersed in the depths of an unknown culture and allow you to feel the unique harmony of different cultures in music.

The quintet consists of young, talented, enthusiastic musicians brought together by the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater: Davit Avetisyan – saxophone (LT), Andrius Savčenko – keyboards (LT), Danielius Skeivelas – guitar (LT), Artūrs Duckis – bass guitar (LV), Mikhail Novikov – for drums (LV).

After successfully testing his strength in the competition and entertaining the listeners at several Lithuanian jazz festivals, on August 6. The 21st Century Quintet will delight the audience of the XXVII Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival.

The XXVII Klaipeda Castle Jazz Festival will take place on August 5-7, at the Cruise Ship Terminal. More information: www.jazz.lt